Company Overview

Technology / Entertainment Industry

1300+ Employees


$100 Per Employee Per Month Stipend

Employer-sponsored Onsite Programs


21% Consolidated Retail Savings

30+ Hours Saved Each Month

Twitch is changing the world by building the biggest live video broadcasting platform and community for gamers, and changing the way in which people consume, interact with and create live video. Each month, more than 100 million visitors gather on Twitch to create, share, and join the community. What’s the secret behind their creative excellence and commercial success? Twitch goes above and beyond to take care of their people.

At the center of of its benefits and perks lies the Twitch Life program, which features various employee wellness initiatives. It’s been a popular program since when the company was only at 300 people; Twitch has since then grown to over 1300 worldwide.

During the hyper-growth phase, various challenges has surfaced for these initiatives. The administrative workload ballooned, vendor management became complicated, and employee experience declined. It’s no longer enough to just put the right programs in place – you also have to optimize the process.

Time For A Different Approach

Twitch came to Twic looking for a employee-centric approach that would maximize the investments and improve the overall experience.

How Twic Is Making A Difference

Twitch introduced the re-branded Twitch Life program, now powered by Twic, to their people in August of 2018. Within the first 14 days, over 60% of the eligible employees had signed up. By the end of 2018, over 82% of all eligible employees are active on the platform.

How Twic is making a difference for Twitch:

  • Offering a wide-range of wellness programs at a preferred rate
  • Streamlining the wellness stipend and reimbursement process
  • Integrating other existing programs to optimize utilization and communications

Wide-range Of Wellness Programs

Prior to launching Twic, Twitch employees had two ways to activate a wellness program. They could either choose from one of the five gyms that Twitch offers, or they could be reimbursed after paying retail prices at fitness establishments of their choice.

One major goal is to bring more wellness programs at a preferred rate to Twitch’s employees and diversify the programs to include physical, mental, and financial health solutions.

31 programs were made available to Twitch employees now to improve the awareness of health and wellness and help people lead a healthier lifestyle.

Streamlining Operations

During the process of growing from 300 employees to 1300, the primary tools used to administer the program was through spreadsheets, pen and paper, and emails. The fast growth of the company has caused the operational efficiency to suffer and the employee experience to decline.

After Twic is launched, processes including vendor onboarding and management, employee membership activation, and employee services are all automated. With the entire process vertically integrated into one single platform, Twitch was able to save 90% of the administration time and improve the employee experience at the same time.

Optimizing Utilization And Communications

Aside from the wellness stipend, the Twitch Life program also includes onsite events and employee resource groups. One major challenge was the communications of these initiatives to make sure employees are aware.

With Twic’s custom integrations, Twitch was able to bring all initiatives under one roof. Employee now have a single portal to access their wellness stipend, onsite program schedule, and resources groups. All internal communications and program promotion are automated by the system to optimize for engagement and utilization.

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