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One Connected Experience

Whether you need to understand what programs are available, sign up for your membership, manage your programs, or ask any questions, Twic brings everything together into one connected experience.


Personalized Recommendations

Our technology analyzes your background and needs, identifies specific programs that could help improve your health, and make sure you have everything needed to lead a healthier lifestyle.


Bring on the Consumer Experience

We despise the corporate-sy wellness programs as much as you do - that’s why we work with the major consumer-based products. Corporate wellness has never been more fun!

Bring the ultimate wellness experience to your people

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I heard about our wellness program but never signed up before. I only signed up for a gym membership now because Twic made it so easy!

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I never imagined our boring wellness program could be refreshed into this. The product is slick, super easy to use.

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I used to think wellness is all about going to the gym, which I just don't enjoy. I've found a much more appealing and personal plan through Twic!

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