For Employers

A new way to deliver wellness programs

Executing a wellness initiative used to require excessive cost, extra administration, and lots of time.
Now you can build a holistic wellness solution in an afternoon with lower cost and better flexibility.

Wellness program cost

Procuring programs from various vendors

Internal marketing campaigns

Automated communications and engagement

Vendor management and administration

Extra time and workload on the benefits team

Data analytics and program optimization

Analytics software and manual processes


With Twic

  • Preferred rates from renowned wellness vendors
  • Personalized engagement plan for employees
  • Automated vendors management
  • Built-in anlytics and optimzation tools

More efficiency, better ROI

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Lower Your Cost

If you're signing contracts with individual wellness vendors, you're likely over-paying. Leverage the Twic Marketplace and procure wellness programs with lower cost and better flexibility. Never be locked into a contract and pay less with Twic's negotiated discounts.


Incentivize Engagement

Incentivize and encourage employees to engage with wellness program that drive positive health outcomes. Optimize any level of employer subsidy through challenges, internal marketing campaigns, and personalized guidance, all in one place.


Integrate Existing Programs

Do you have existing wellness programs and vendors? We'll help you integrate them into the Twic Platform to make it easy for employees to browse all programs from one place.


Measure and Optimize

Optimize your program strategy by picking the right programs for your population, streamlining implementations, driving smart member engagement, and validating program impact. All through one system built specifically to bring best-in-class programs together into an integrated experience.