Bring it all together

Twic's flexible platform allows you to fully customize the wallet for each program.

Let us handle the rest.


Customize The Wallets

Define the program policy and eligibility for the Wallets and allocate a budget for each Wallet based on a per-employee format. Customize the rules based on your total rewards strategy right within our flexible platform.


Launch and Communicate

Leverage Twic's systems, including email, calendar, Slack, and more integrations to inform and educate the employees. Twic's Member Experience Team is also available 24-7 for concierge support.


Bring In The Consumer Experience

With the intuitive user experience, employees can quickly learn and engage with all the total rewards programs. The Twic Marketplace brings a unique approach to consumerize the experience by provide 1000s of options for employees to choose from.


Personalized Planning for Individual Employees

Twic's proprietary system personalizes each individual employee's total rewards package to optimize the employee experince based on age, location, job function, and more. The intelligent system makes sure each dollar is spent at the right places.


Access Powerful Data Analytics

With the Total Rewards Dashboard, it's easy to see utilization and engagement trends. These invaluable data is used in correspondance with Workplace, Finance, and and other HR team members to further understand how programs are used and align the total rewards strategy with the company's objectives.

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