Wellness Suite

  • Who is Wellness Suite For?

    For companies that are looking to promote and incentivize healthier lifestyles, Wellness Suites brings together Challenges, Onsite Events, and Wellness Champions into one platform. Building a holistic wellness initiative has never been easier.

  • The advantage of using Wellness Suite

    One Connected Experience. Run corporate challenges, host onsite events, and leverage internal wellness champions through one centralized hub.

    Engage and Incentivize. Set rewards to promote healthy bahaviors, including step activities, gym sessions, and engagement with digital health applications.

    Zero Administration. From program sign-up to conceirge services, Twic's tools automate the entire process to save your benefits team time and resources.


How it Works

Design and Align

Determine rewards and incentives level across step, fitness, and mental health challenges.

Communicate and Educate

Drive engagement and participation through customized internal communications.

Monitor Engagement

Monitor spending and program utilization from the dashboard.


Run Challenges

Promote positive bahavior across step activities, fitness, and mindfulness with our unique one-platform approach. Employees with different lifestyle can challenge each other in a centralized place to boost engagement.


Host Onsite Events

Bring yoga classes, mindfulness sessions, and more right to the workplace. Better yet, let us help you with everything from sourcing instructors, event logistics, and billing.


Leverage Wellness Champions

Empower the wellness enthusiasts within your organization to engage colleagues with communications and administartion tools. Monitor and rewards the champions right from the admin portal.

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