Wellness Wallet

  • Who is Wellenss Wallet For?

    If your company offers a monthly wellness stipend  as part of the benefits package, Wellness Wallet can help you improve the employee experience and administrative efficiency.

  • The advantage of using Wellness Wallet

    Freedom of Choice with Lower Cost.  Employees are offered a marketplace of vetted vendors to choose from. We negotiate the price down with our volume so you can enjoy the preferred rates.

    Contract Flexibility.  You are no longer locked into long-term contracts with PEPM cost. Instead, you only pay for the programs that employees use and they can cancel anytime.

    Zero Administration.  From reimbursement administration to payroll reports, Twic's tools automate the entire process to save your benefits team time and resources.

  • Quick stats on Wellness Wallet

    On average, 72%  of employees sign up within the first month of launching.

    We save an average of 22%  off retail price that employees otherwise would be paying.

    Our marketplace offers 50+ programs from 30+ nationally-renowned wellness vendors.


How Wellness Wallet Works

Allocate Funds

Set a monthly per-employee budget.

Marketplace + Reimbursements

Employees spend the budget across the Twic Marketplace. They can also choose to submit a receipt and be reimbursed.

Automated Reporting

Twic generates payroll-ready reports for deductions and reimbursements.


Freedom and Options, No Strings Attached

Employees have the freedom to build their personal wellness program across the Twic Markplace with lower cost and no contract commitments.


Holistic Wellness, Yet Personalized

Our technology analyzes employees’ background and needs, identifies specific programs that could help improve health conditions, and make sure employees have everything needed to lead a healthier lifestyle.

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