The Most Flexible Total Rewards Platform

Implementing a comprehensive total rewards strategy used to require budgets for multiple vendors, heavy administration for each program, and extensive education for the employees. Not anymore.

Twic's all-in-one platform for total rewards programs gives you these advantage:


Lower Cost

Having too many point solutions can easily add up your PEPM cost. The Twic marketplace brings best-in-class solutions all in one place at preferred rate.


Save Time

Zero vendor management, zero reimbursement, and zero employee inquiry means you can focus on designing high level employee strategy while Twic streamlines your total rewards programs.


Be in the knows

From budget spending to program utilization to employee satisfaction, Twic helps you understand how successful your programs are all in one place.


Happier employees

Employees are in control of designing their own programs. They also receive personalized guidance to help them achieve their goals. Successful employees = happy employees.

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